Pre-validated Packaging

For orthopedic manufacturers, getting product to market is very tedious and time consuming. To alleviate both the time and costliness of this process, Millstone has developed pre-validated and universal packaging solutions.

“Millstone is a professional, courteous, and collaborative organization that provides valuable services to our organization.”

– Field Operations, Large Orthopedic Company

Pre-Validated Packaging Solutions / Universal Packaging Solutions

Millstone teamed up with packaging experts to develop a packaging platform that fits roughly 80% of spinal and extremity implants. The universal packaging solution is a:

  • Flexible design that cuts down on validation costs
  • Design that fits the vast majority of spinal and extremities implants into a fairly small footprint
  • Double sterile-barrier thermoform tray with two polyurethane liners for protection, inner and outer Tyvek lids and a shelf carton
  • Configuration that can be sterilized by Gamma irradiation, EtO or e-beam

FastLane Pouches

One of the quickest, easiest, most cost-effective ways to get your medical device to market. Millstone offers pre-validated packaging options in both pouch and tray configurations. Advantages of pre-validated packaging solutions:

  • Eliminates tooling & design costs
  • Packaging available in both tray and pouch configurations
  • Pre-validated to meet industry recognized standards
  • Compatible with various methods of sterilization
  • Reduces resource needs & costs
  • Increases speed to market (see validation timeline)