Reclaim Inventory

Support Surgeries


Save Cost


Fuel Growth

Maximize Case Coverage and cost savings

Bolster your COVID-19 recovery plans at a critical time with better inventory utilization. Millstone’s reverse logistics program helps OEMs reclaim and redeploy inventory to support surgeries, satisfy demand, and drive sales—while realizing substantial cost savings.


Expert field returns management

  • Traceability of all returned product.
  • Cleaning, inspection and autoclaving
  • Customized reporting, real-time visibility into processing and tracking
  • Identification of E/O, expired and damaged items for full cost recoupment
  • Non-sterile packaging and labeling
  • Warehousing and worldwide distribution to redeploy sellable products
  • Expedited shipping and order window until 11 PM EST
  • Centralized inventory management
  • Scale to manage inventory spikes and minimize lead times

Realize millions in savings

A case study on maximizing inventory utilization

Learn how a top global med device manufacturer saved millions while dramatically shortening lead times and supporting more cases with better inventory utilization. See how reverse logistics can help boost your COVID-19 recovery.

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