Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring testing
evaluates the microbial load and quality of an area. Environmental monitoring testing ensures that medical device products are not manufactured, assembled, packaged, sterilized, or stored in areas with high contamination risk. This ensures that products meet the appropriate safety standards.

Air Sampling

Monitor or determine what airborne contaminants are present in your facilities or storage with collection and analysis of active viable air samples.

Surface Sampling

Evaluate the efficacy of routine cleaning procedures to prevent contamination with surface sampling.

Water Sampling

Verify safety with water quality analysis and validations of water systems.

Non-Viable Particulate Monitoring

Validate safety or take early action with monitoring for possible non-viable particulate contamination with portable particle counters.


Viable Air Samples–Aerobic Count

Viable Air Samples–Fungal Count

Non-Viable Air Samples–Particulate

HEPA Velocity Samples

HEPA Scan Samples

Surface Samples–Aerobic Count

Surface Samples–Fungal Count

Swab Samples

Water Sample Collection/Analysis Testing

Water Analysis–Heterotrophic Plate Count

Water Analysis–Coliform Count

Final Reports

Upon completion of test, a final report will be issued and all records and raw data will be held for five years.

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