Accelerated Aging Chambers

Accelerated aging stability testing involves storing samples at an increased temperature to simulate real-time aging in a shorter amount of time. Thus, initial stability testing can be performed in a shorter amount of time. Stability testing, such as accelerated aging, is necessary to prove product shelf life, as package integrity is lost over time as packaging materials or adhesives degrade. Accelerated aging techniques are based on the assumption that materials deteriorate following the Arrhenius reaction rate function. With the Arrhenius function, every 10°C increase or decrease in temperature results in a 2x increase in the rate of deterioration. Thus, you can half the time of your stability testing for every 10°C increase in temperature that the products are stored. This test is carried out according to ASTM standards.


Accelerated Aging per ASTM F1980 and ISO 11607

Final Reports

Upon completion of test, a final report will be issued and all records and raw data will be held for five years.

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